Donaldson Center Fire Department

about us

Donaldson Center Fire Department makes it a priority to ensure that all personnel receive the best training and equipment. Personnel travel the country to specialized training facilities, conferences, and seminars in order to become more knowledgeable so that we can provide unparalleled services to our district.

From an Airforce base during World War II to what is now an industrial air park. Donaldson Center has changed over the years to support industry like 3M, Lockheed Martin, Solvay-Cytec, etc., while continuing to work with military installations. Home to Army Reserve, National Guard, Air National Guard, Navy Reserve, and Marine Reserve units, Donaldson Center still remains very much supportive of the United States military. Changing times, industrial growth, and technological growth has bred the growth of hazards. To meet and attempt to prevent these challenges, Donaldson Center Fire Department, and supporting industry, strives to provide an environment that encourages personnel to become better trained, more involved, and included to on-going projects so they understand more. The relationship and comradery between the Donaldson Center Fire Department and those served is nothing short of amazing- something you may not come across anywhere else.


Serving our community with professionalism and courage.

Emergency Response

Our personnel are trained to respond to a variety of emergencies. From medical first response to ARFF operations we are prepared to assist anyone in need.

Industrial Training

Donaldson Center Fire Department offers a wide range of classes for the businesses we service. From fire extinguishers to full fire brigade. 

Community Outreach

We participate heavily in fire prevention activities throughout our district. Look for us at your company’s next safety fair or when we are out doing fire inspections.